Live Original Renditions & Interpretations of "I Want Everything" off Eagle and Talon's 'In Manila' EP [Preview album here]

Feat. videos by: Mooey Moobau, Fort King/Hearts of Palm UK, Detangler, Moses Campbell, Fascinoma, the Evangenitals, Dorian Wood, Kono Michi, Obi Best, B.R.A.M., Mentor & Protege, Marshweed, Learning Music & the Sweet Hurt.

THE PROJECT: Instructions were simple: 1/ Play "I Want Everything" on a stereo, computer, amp in real space 2/ Sing or play new parts/melodies/noises on top of it 3/ Perform it live and videotape the results.
And now with great pleasure we present to you Eagle and Talon and Friends' AMBIENT KARAOKE PARTYTIME.

Click on artists' names to learn more about what they do when they're not making karaoke videos :) If you'd like to make an "I Want Everything" video of your own, please do (and send a YouTube link to info[at]biakka[dot]com so we can check it out) In the meantime, please enjoy the great videos below. Thank you everybody for sharing your talents. Here's a smashing compilation of original songs from artists' own amazing projects:. DOWNLOAD FREE MIXTAPE HERE


Mooey Moobau
Off-duty avant garde linguist

Fort King | Hearts of Palm UK
Sensual skull bones

Shaman of the Scale in Object Trick No. 1: Casual

Moses Campbell
Youth uprising

Dunce of love, damsel fakes a boogie

"Share Your Stuff" - Women of the park eat Jay-Z

Dorian Wood
Theater of lips

Kono Michi
Shogun warrior battles spin artist for honor

Obi Best (Alex Lilly)
Chopin as a young girl

Man on couch plays guitar after drinking glass of milk

Mentor & Protege
Generational cabin fever

Marshweed/Heather Lockie
With toys, suggest more

Learning Music
Dark space phantom

The Sweet Hurt
LA skate pro jams in inclement weather